How To Become An Internet Success

The internet is full of articles, pictures, or any other type of digitally formatted files. Some of these gain more popularity than others. This is because internet popularity is mostly based on content. The catchier the content, the bigger chance you have to gain more views. Getting a lot of views and shares puts what you posted in the running to becoming viral. Gaining popularity in a short amount of time means you have viral content. But what does it really take to become viral?

In reality, no one really knows how to have a viral post. This is because there are probably too many factors to consider. One thing’s for sure though, becoming viral today is a lot easier. All thanks to popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Sharing your post to the right people will create a ripple effect. One share will lead to another, and another and another until you become an internet sensation overnight. Although the secret to becoming viral is still a mystery, a list of viral content might give you a hint.

Everybody loves controversy

There’s just something about controversial news that attracts people. The topic may just be about anything; from an actor’s dramatic weight loss to presidential issues. Just as long as there’s controversy involved, people are sure to flock to it. Add an alluring title and it’s already a sure recipe to go viral.

Inspiration that spreads like wildfire

Videos or articles that are about inspiring stories are also a candidate for viral content. These inspirational stories usually go viral since a lot of people can relate to it, to an extent. Not only do these articles or videos connect to the reader or viewer on an emotional level, they can also touch and even change the lives of these people.

How-to and how-to-not videos

When a person usually wants to learn something fast, they turn to the internet. How-to videos are particularly popular, especially when done in a clear and direct way. Likewise, a compilation of all these failed how-to videos are equally or even more popular. Epic fail compilations usually gain more views, likes and shares since they are entertaining and funny.

Everybody loves memes

Memes, there’s no denying that these are some of the most viral posts to date. Love them or hate them, memes are very popular. Slap on a catchy phrase to a picture and voila! Instant meme. Memes are a convenient, witty and funny way of conveying ideas or beliefs which cover a vast amount of topics. From past to current events, there are memes for each and every one of them. Almost everyone already has a “meme folder” in their computers, ready to use in case a witty retort is needed.

What’s your top 10?

Lists are some of the most popular viewed articles on the internet. Add a few catchy pictures and your list is all set. These lists may cover a variety of topics as well. What makes these lists popular and potentially viral is that they go straight to the point. People would know right away what the content is all about just from the title of the list. Not all of these lists have to be “top 10s” or “top 20s”. There are lists that can be very informative and beneficial to all sorts of fields.

Having your post go viral is like reaching celebrity status on the internet. As for how to go viral? Nobody really knows the specifics. And those that do might be making big money for big companies in the marketing business. One thing is for sure though, viral posts are entertaining.