Bitcoin Cloud Mining Which companies pay and which ones not?

Almost all Bitcoin Cloud Mining companies are scams due to that it’s easy for companies to take other’s money and then not pay. A company can pretend to be a reliable one without any hardware testing.

You should never believe in the free offering because you are not going to find something like this with no costs, and when we refer to this, that phrase is bait, and a good one.

So, you have to remember that 99% of these companies, which people use to mine, are scams.

Companies of Bitcoin Cloud Mining that do not Pay

These are companies BTC or ETH, and without warning, they have suddenly stopped. Those are the called “scammers” because they merely close the website and throw a party with the money of the investors.

The reason why many bitcoin cloud mining companies are scammers is that it is straightforward for people in the world to create a website. When the site is set up, you can note that the company has a vast facility for doing this.

Also, the company can act in a legitimate way by sending initial payments to its clients. But then, you can keep the amounts already received by the power of the hash and after that not make more payments.

Recently, people discovered two scammers: Hash Ocean and Bitcoin Cloud Services.

Companies of Bitcoin Cloud Mining that do Pay

Below you are going to find a list of three reliable companies, which prove to be the ones with the best payments:

·         Hashing24 Company

Hashing24 is one of the few companies that we can name here. This mention is because they have an association with BitFury, which is one of the best companies in this field and it is also a re-seller of mining hardware.

With this company you can find contracts for a lifetime, so you can maintain the power of the hash until the agreement loses profitability.

·         Genesis Mining Company

It is a company in Hong Kong, even its founders are from Germany, and they participate in several conferences about Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies.

This company offers three different contracts, and you can find lifetime contracts which you pay with a single payment plan:

  1. Gold Plan: 100 GH, it costs $ 19.
  2. Platinum Plan: 2,000 GH, it costs $ 340.
  3. Diamond Plan: 10,000 GH, it costs $ 1,600.

·         TeraBox Company

TeraBox allows people to register and get the benefits of mining bitcoin. They have competitive prices and a free trial so customers can preview its offers before they buy. The company provides contracts for mining in the cloud since 2014.

TeraBox is not tricky, and when clients buy at the mine, they straightway begin to see profits. Also, clients can choose between investing in more energy or keeping the income in their accounts.