There are plenty of moments that can really become a source of great enjoyment. So, with the GTA games, there is an option to go for the rides on the roller coasters, the roller coaster ride is beside the sea and also the trips that occur at the nighttime increases the beauty of the entire ride. With all such high graphics quality, the game can prove to be the best one.


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The GTA series of the games has become too popular with the masses and is loved by the users which account for about 250 million people all over the world, this video game has been ranked to be one of the best sellers next to the Super Mario games and Pokemon. So, the grand theft series has been regarded to become one of the biggest exports in the form of the video games, but, there is only a limitation to it in the form that the contents of the game are a bit adult and controversial in nature and hence has experienced always a limitation to itself in the form of the age groups of the people playing it.

                Moreover, there are controversies regarding the game in some manners like due to the criminal plot it contains with itself. The criminals keep raging throughout the city, o, the missions may seem to be  a bit much violent7s among the kids according to some parents, the events like the taxi driving, the racing on the streets that happen when the players are participating in groups and also the flying of the helicopters together add to the glory of the game. However, it can be confirmed that with the introduction of the Grand Theft auto part 2 there has been a lot of change where the plot has been renovated to make the users go more crazy about the game. The storyline gas the basis here that there is an option to overcome the events that are unfortunate. So, there is always a scope for the victory at the end of the game.


There are multiple comments experienced with the users of the top games the GTA series. There is a number of changes that are brought in the series that have made it become the best seller. There are certain updates that are suggested by the top game review channels like games4u that can be a useful key.

                The recent updates suggest that there is an addition of the underground bunkers and also a mission where the players involved in the games can steak the eggs that are formed the world of the aliens. This can be recovered from the crashed spaceship. This can be a great adventure when compared to some of the earliest updates like the fewer vehicles, few clothes, the newer weapons and also the smaller pistols in addition to the broken bottles that were top things already involved with the game.

                Though there are later stages that are involved in the game that is not free of charges yet that are exciting ones there are also certain updates that there is an inclusion of the old clothes recovered from the schools and also weapons that could serve the thrills of the holiday Trevors. These were also enough to fix the dates on the holidays. There are also certain business updates that suggest that there are a number of fancy cars and also the release of the two newer guns at the can serve the players to boost the game to bring a lot of excitement. Such update and the new trends have always kept the players too dedicated towards the game.

Though there has been always serious changes in the buying of the different elements in the game, there has never been a lesser popularity due to the h dimple fact that the price offered is worthy of eg money. the game maintains its standards to date and is hoped to gain much acknowledgment in the near future.