Refresh your life with Tandem Kayaking

In this modern era, kayaking has turned out to be a very popular watersport in competitive and recreational circles. A traditional kayak usually seats one person. But with the help of modern day engineering, tandem kayaks have found a steady spot in the market. A tandem kayak is a bigger build vessel which can accommodate two passengers, one behind the other. Both passengers are required to paddle to build momentum and increase speed. In contrast to single person kayaks, tandem kayaks are constructed in a more open design. This helps create more room in the vessel for extra accessories and equipment. Kayaking with a friend or partner is a great activity to bond over for the weekend.

There are two types of tandem kayaks available; the sit on top kayak and the inflatable kayak. The former is a more sturdy and durable structure made of strong materials to withstand rough waters. Whereas, the latter is used for calm waters and can be inflated/deflated on demand. If you are looking for a sit-on-top type tandem kayak, you cannot go wrong with the ‘Lifetime Manta Tandem’. When it comes to inflatable ones, the ‘Sea Eagle 330’ and ‘Intex Challenger K2’ are two of the best-reviewed options. You can close in on your decision to find your ideal kayaks at Kayaking equipment generally requires very low maintenance and therefore are an investment for your weekend countryside trips.

Kayaking equipment

If you are interested to take up tandem kayaking as a serious hobby, then you may join a kayaking club near your home. When you join a club, you can meet a lot of different people who share the same interest as you. This is also a great way to gain a lot of knowledge about the sport from more experienced enthusiasts. Since tandem kayaking is a two-person activity, the total output in terms of paddling speed and distance covered will depend on both paddlers. Also, when searching for the right kayak to buy, do take into consideration your partner’s requirements.

Apart from teamwork, this waterspout also helps you to improve your cardiovascular system and aids muscle strength too. It can be a physically demanding sport with some level of risk depending on the waterways. Therefore, you should take a fair amount of time in deciding the kind of kayak you want, if safety is a major concern for you and can help you with just that. Accessories like a helmet, elbow guards, etc. are essential for pursuing this to this sport. If you are motivated to take up kayaking with a partner, be assured that you’ll find it then you will it to be engaging as it is a sport that exercises your body and mind.