Riverfront Residences – Why Invest In A Condo?

If you are looking for a good investment opportunity, investing in a condominium unit is one of the best options for you. Properties are being built regularly and this is one of the most progressive industry in the real estate market these days. Riverfront Former Rio Casa Enbloc is a new development in Hougang Ave 7. Located near the Hougang Town, this is considered as a high-quality development with a unique water view frontage.

Why Invest In A Condo?

A condo unit is a valuable investment. Since there are no recent launches in Hougang, Riverfront Residences is definitely a promising project. Here are the reasons why you should invest in a condo unit:

  • The purchase price of a condominium unit is significantly lower compared to a single-family home which can cost twice or three times as much.
  • The maintenance cost is cheaper and it is sure to be well maintained because most condos have restrictions when it comes to maintaining the property.
  • Great amenities are offered such as a 50-meter swimming pool, an indoor gym, children’s playground, tennis court, function rooms, and so on.
  • Since Riverfront Residences is located in a prime location, this can also bring about a good resell price or can generate an impressive monthly rental.

The Riverfront Residences

Riverfront Residences was developed by Oxley Holdings, a very popular residence builder. They are known to be the best in town when it comes to real estate investments. They have the best connections when it comes to materials and services used in building this project. This means that they are using top of the line devices and materials in order to build a safe and comfortable home for you.

Aside from being a property developer, they also offer free consultancy aid that you might need when you have concerns about different properties that are currently vacant that you would want to own. They can provide you with relevant information that you may need like the features of the property and its location.

Why Choose Riverfront Residences?

If you are looking for the best solution in your property and investment search, check out the Riverfront Residences. They know exactly what you need. This is the latest and one of the largest projects of Oxley Holdings, who are the most trusted in the real estate industry. If you want a home that has the best view if the Sungei Serangoon and the Upper Serangoon area, then check out Riverfront Residences. Don’t wait any longer. Invest as soon as possible with the best condominium units in town!