Cost is something a trouble in purchasing such costly sanders. What about a DIY kit? Doesn’t it sound great? So, let me give you some idea how to actually have a confidence in making your own sander. This is a full write-up of the other phases of a sander and how this can be so much used even in a new way.


We are quite familiar with the full form of DIY. All youtube videos and various videos on the web suggest you make something or the else on your own and this is the DO IT YOURSELF kit. So today I shall tell you about this. Quality of a finished wooden surface is wholly determined by how proper the sanding method was. We all know that for small surfaces sandpaper sheets are more than enough. To handle larger projects we need a sander that is supplied with electricity. In such a case, DIY finishing sanders work their best. All we need in this is a disk of about 5 inches size, some sanding sheets or the sandpaper and a motor. The design is made such that we need to build a system of a motor driving the disc in a random fashion, the sheets working and the surfaces being removed and getting collected. For the completion of such a project, we need to have some important items like a standing belt which will remove the unwanted packed material, additional discs which will smoothen the rough surfaces. It is also an important aspect to know the right type of the wood we are working with. Woods can be of various types some are hard while some are soft. For hardwoods, we can go for 150 grit and for softwood we can go for 120 grit. But it is important to know what the grit measurement actually means.


Now the amount of the grit determines the method to be followed. It the gritty is of a minimum level of 60, we need to strip that down and shape up. If it is 80, we need to strip that off moderately. A grit content of 100 needs a slight removal. A grit of 120 is medium in scale and needs leveling the surface well after removing the unwanted pieces. A level of 150 needs fining up the surface. In this way, the level of fineness increases step by step and finally reaches a level of 400 which is the most superfine level.

Making the DIY kits is very useful because it is cost effective and is also a creative one. Though the work effectiveness of such a kit may not go up to the mark, yet this will serve a right purpose at a short level. However, nothing can beat the superb quality of the most branded ones. It can be hoped that the above full write up shall be a very useful guide. It is never too late to try out the most well known and popular products. It can be expected that such products will surely fulfill the expectations of everyone who is interested in buying.