The Family and The First Born Child

The family is the most important aspect of one’s life. As it is in fact, the smallest unit in a community yet it is the most essential. It builds one’s character or personality. A house becomes a home when there is love all over the structure coming from the members of the family.

It typically consists of a mother, a father, and children. But for some, it is extended,  or it is consist of a solo parent.Indeed, it is a dream come true for someone to build his or her own family, especially for a woman. It is undeniably a wonderful experience for a woman to become a mother specifically if it is her first time. But let us not forget our first-time fathers, no doubt, what a mother feels is also the same or more than what they feel for their first born child.

For a couple, all hopes and dreams are firstly focused on their first born or the oldest child. Such dream is to build a happy home with a loving child enlightening each day of their lives. Hopes to be the best parents in the world and hoping to make their child a noble and respected man or woman someday with a beautiful heart. Is it not a wonderful remembrance when you saw for the first time your first baby ? or Is it not a memory to cherish when you have witnessed your first child opened for the first time his or her eyes and you saw the beauty beneath those puppy sights? Sounds magnificent right? It is definitely and most of us would agree if there is a special place in a parent’s heart for their oldest. Yes, a mother or father’s love for their offsprings are all equal but somehow the firstborn is kinda a worthy special experience.

The oldest child throws back the memories of a parent’s sacrifices and first-hand experiences. All those late nights, all those worries, all those questions if you are really ready for the responsibility or if you two will become good parents reminisce through your oldest. Further, your first somehow reminds you of the love between you and your other significant half. He or she is the first fruit of your undying love for each other and it somehow brings you back to your promises. Somehow, in the midst of struggles or quarrels, your oldest go you back to your roots. He or she is the main reason why there is a home built. He or she brings you back to all the good memories you have shared together and the ties you have given in front of God and in front of your loved ones.

Additionally, is it not a good feeling if you see your first born takes care of his or her younger siblings? A wonderful thought, right? No doubt, your heart will be melt if you know that your oldest takes care and protects your other children. It is also a verification that you have raised a good son or a daughter.