What can a London interior designer do for you

Buying a new property or renovating one you already have presents a big financial challenge, but also a great test of your organizational skills. You need to skillfully plan the budget for the purchase of necessary materials and equipment, go through endless samples, price lists, salon visits… Obviously, you care about the functional and nice interior, but how to achieve it, so that you do not regret your decisions later? How not to be wrongly persuaded by the sellers and contractors’ suggestions? How to avoid mistakes, the consequences of which you will have to endure until the next renovation? Finally, which contractor is worth recommending? Here are some tips.

Gettingprofessional help

Arranging your interior is not a piece of cake, especially if you’re not a specialist. It would be much easier to reach for the professional help of a London interior designer . There are many interior design experts in London that you can find on the Internet, for example http://sigmalondon.com/  . But what to expect from a design service, what exactly will the London interior designer have for you? Is it not extravagant, with so much spending, adding additional cost to your project? And finally: is it a pricey service? Let’s look for answers to these doubts.

Advantages of consulting a London interior designer:

The layout of the interior

Also known as the functional layout. The developer or the previous owner has planned it according to their own needs, which do not necessarily coincide with yours. For example, there’s too much sun in the master bedroom, and the daughter’s room is too dark – let’s change that! An experienced London interior design company can provide you with a designer who will notice similar limitations after a while and help in the proper functional planning of the interior and equipment. He will suggest, how to optimize the layout of rooms and the spacing of furniture so that the space is organized in a way that is convenient, safe and suited to your lifestyle and needs.

interior design

Purchasing costs and planning

Professional London interior designers are expected to propose solutions with an estimated costs of individual finishing materials, ceramic prices, wall and floor coverings, lighting and furniture. Interior design companies in London also prepare the executive documentation for the carpenter and renovation team. In addition, you can extend the services of the chosen London interior design company – your design office can prepare a complete cost estimate and agree to author’s supervision over the implementation of the project – this way the designer will be responsible for the coordination of works and contacting the contractors.

Cost of finishing materials

When it comes to prices – it is worth taking into account the fact that the London interior designer often has many years of experience in the selection of finishing materials. He knows the offers of many suppliers and manufacturers, he knows the advantages and disadvantages of solutions proposed by the sellers. His knowledge includes both currently fashionable materials and solutions but also proven “classic” ones. It is an invaluable knowledge that will solidify your choice.


Let’s summarize it then. There are four important reasons why you should consider the London interior designer’s help:

  • functional optimization of rooms and equipment that takes into account your needs and lifestyle;
  • cost rationalization – the selection of adequate materials and elements of interior furnishings consistent with both your taste and budget assumptions;
  • time-saving – the designer’s support will make your decisions easier, allow planning purchases and stages of renovation work, and will provide accurate guidelines for sellers and contractors;
  • professional perspective – making it easier to make well-thought-out decisions regarding the interior and its equipment.

The work of a London interior designer is generally priced on the individual basis. The cost of such services will depend on the size of your property and the scope of tasks that you entrust to the designer. It is safe to assume that hiring an experienced London interior design company will allow you to optimize the costs of materials and services that will offset other unnecessary expenses.