What do you know about the characters in Super Mario Bros?

Throughout the history of video games, some games are getting so much popularity among the people. Well, super Mario is one of the well known games that is played by the youngsters in 90’s. Actually, this Super Mario Bros is designed and published in 1985 by Nintendo for its Nintedo Entertainment system. The arrival of this super Mario games had changed the entire world of the video game. For the first time in video game, the gameplay was designed around the story. This makes the game lovers to enjoy this game. The mario brothers characters are so adorable and they are still loved by a wide range of people around the globe.

Introduction to Mario game and characters

Mario was possibly the well known character in the history of video games. In fact, this Mario character is derived based on Popeye Olive Bluto love triangle. This Super Mario Bros appeals to interest of the boys in sports, combat and adventure.

The Super Mario Bros is the large selling video game to have ever been developed till now. Later, it is remade and re-released a lot of times for the additional stages. In the forty year journey, the Super Mario brothers have met a large number of persons on the way and those characters are explained here.

  • Rosalina – Even though Rosalina is not the first friend of Mario, she plays a immense role in the Super Mario Galaxy game.
  • Toad and Toadette – Here, Toadette is the female version of Toad. She appears in spin off games and some of them are like Mario party, Mario Kart and more.
  • Birdo – When you see the global cultured Mario version, you may get to know that the birdo as Catherine in Japan. She is one of the consistent and reoccurring characters in the Mario game.
  • Diddy kong – In most of the Mario games, you can see Diddy Kong as the friend of Donkey Kong. Actually, donkey kong is a kind of gorilla and it is seen in various franchises.
  • Anatasma – The main enemy of the Super Mario Brothers game is Anatasma. He was not always the villain, but he changes his character when his island was preyed by bats.
  • Koopa Kid – This kid is a relative of Kammy koopa and this kid is only seen in the party scenes of Mario party.

Including these, there are so many mario brothers characters available in the game and they are extremely interesting to play.